10th anniversary of Herrera Law: LFS slams contractualization, calls for a more secure future


February 21, 2012

10th anniversary of Herrera Law

LFS slams contractualization, calls for a more secure future



“Contractualization continues to be a capitalist tool in plummeting workers’ lives in deeper hell. Workers have always been cash-strapped, overworked and debt-ridden; but with the Herrera Law, staying employed is their bigger problem. In this case, the capitalists can do whatever they want, with contractualization removing the workers’ right to unionize.


This was the statement of Gemma Canalis, spokesperson for the League of Filipino Students as they join the call to junk the Herrera Law, now on its 10th year.


“The future looks dim with majority of Filipino youth in urban centers seeking jobs in factories and other enterprises offering only contractual work. The government is not doing anything about it. The government knows that Filipinos would do anything to put food on their tables. It wants the youth to remain scampering for jobs, it wants us to beg for oppression.”


Canalis said that the Herrera Law is the reason why companies are sitting pretty and would not care even if workers’ wages are obviously well below what they really need.


“This government always talks about needing to encourage big businesses to invest in our country. Contractual and cheap, that’s the marketting tool the government uses in selling out the country’s labor force. Now, in whose interest is the government biased to?”, said Canalis.


Canalis also said that the K+12 education program that the government is pushing is very well in line with the set of labor laws the country has. “The government aims to create a huge reserve labor force of semi-skilled workers through the K+12 education program. With contractualization and labor export policy in place, Filipino youth can look forward to slavery after graduation.”


“The government seems to think that it can fool the people all the time. With the worsening crisis, and with the government so callous to the people’s plight and so blatant in espousing oppression, more and more youth are realizing that there’s just no future waiting for them if the system remains this way. The Filipino youth says no to contractualization, no to K+12. We join the Filipino working class in fighting to change the system, in fighting for our future.”##