Students hold nationwide protest vs other school fees | Scrapping of OSFs is youth’s Christmas wish


Denouncing the rampant profiteering practiced in schools through the imposition of “other school fees” (OSFs) and tuition hikes, the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and other youth groups under the Rise for Education (R4E) Alliance led students from various schools and universities in a nationwide protest on Thursday.

Participating schools include the University of the East, University of the Philippines Diliman, University of the Philippines Manila, Far Eastern University, National Teachers College, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology, Adamson University, Technological University of the Philippines, University of Manila, Marikina Polytechnic College and Arellano High School.

LFS said that that the scrapping of “other school fees” and halting of tuition increases is one of the youth’s wishes for this coming Christmas.

“There can’t be a gift more precious for millions of Filipino youth than the victory of our campaign to scrap other school fees,” stated LFS National Spokesperson Charlotte Velasco.

According to LFS, the other school fees (OSFs) imposed in public and private higher education institutions range from hundreds worth of registration fees to thousands upon thousands worth of energy fees. The youth group added these OSFs correspond to the Aquino regime’s policy of deregulation in the education system.

“The collection of other school fees and exorbitant tuition in both private schools and state universities are manifestations of the dire state of deregulation in our education system. Under this situation, students and their parents are compelled to take the pains of wholesale profiteering of school administrators and the negligence of the Aquino government,” Velasco said.

LFS stated that existing policies such as the Education Act of 1982 and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order No. 3, 2012 exacerbate the deregulation in charges collected in schools. The group insisted that these directives further advance the imposition of other school fees.

“By enforcing policies such as the CMO 3 and adhering to the Education Act of 1982, the Aquino regime plays host to the unfettered collection of redundant, exorbitant and dubious school fees. The administration guarantees profit-seeking administrators that education will remain a promising business rather than a service accessible for all,” Velasco stated.

LFS further rallied their call to junk “other school fees” and halt tuition increases. The student group also sought accountability from the Aquino regime for perpetuating deregulation.

“The troubles brought by the ever-increasing price of education necessitates the youth to clamor for the scrapping of other school fees and advance the fight to stop tuition increases. We will continue to forward our campaign to oppose deregulation and make the Aquino regime accountable for wreaking havoc on the education system,” Velasco ended.###