Students storm US embassy on Trump’s inauguration, demand to end US-PH unequal relations

“A new episode for US imperialism is about to take place as Donald Trump takes the seat in the White House in a few hours. With his demeanor as an ultra-right, a xenophobe, and a fascist president, we have every reason to believe that his regime will mark another phase of plunder and abuse”.

This is the statement of League of Filipino Students (LFS) as they lead various youth and student groups march towards the Embassy of the United States of America in Manila, hours before the inauguration of US president Donald Trump.

“Today, we march to US embassy assert our genuine independence from US domination. Now more than ever, the Philippines needs to end the decades of unequal relations with imperialist US,” said Rosos.

Intensified Neoliberal Attacks and Wars of Aggression
“We cannot expect Trump – a monopoly capitalist – to stand for the rights and welfare of the people around the world. Worse, Trump is anticipated to launch intensified neoliberal attacks to squeeze more profit from the people,” Rosos argued.

The youth leader expressed fears that the worsening global crisis and steady decline of the US economy will lead a desperate US to also intensify its imperialist plunder of Third World countries like the Philippines. Rosos pointed out that the situation of US will be used by Trump to justify economic and political intervention.

“Trump is well-versed in making everything into a lucrative business. As a semi-colony of the imperialist US, Philippines will only be forced to open its doors to more free-trade agreements that will lead to more liberalization, privatization, and deregulation in order to satisfy the needs of imperialist US,” said Rosos.

Being a violence personified, Trump is expected to engage in more wars of aggression in order to achieve his goals. He made it clear that he wants to make ‘America great again’. In order to secure the US’ economic interests, engagements in aggression and proxy wars will characterized his regime,” the youth leader added.

“He even singled out China as a top threat to US interests. All of his pronouncements mean that Philippines will remain a pivotal base for US military operations in the region,” Rosos explained.

Junk Unequal US-PH Treaties and Agreements
Rosos pointed out that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should be aware of what US imperialism can do as based on his previous bringing up of the American massacre of Moros at Bud Dajo in 1906 and the turning of Samar into “a howling wilderness” after a victorious 1901 Filipino raid against a US military detachment in Balangiga.

“We urge Duterte to stand by his early progressive and patriotic statements. He must push forward with his promise of independent foreign policy and uphold our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is high time that we junk the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, Visiting Forces Agreement, Mutual Defense Treaty, and other lopsided agreements with US” said Rosos.

“We demand the immediate pull out of US troops and war materiel in the country. Trump will only exploit the existing arrangements with the Philippine government and involve our country into his plans of aggression and domination,” Rosos added.

Rosos pointed out that superficial comparisons about Trump’s cussing will not make the US any less militaristic and imperialistic. The League likewise called on the Filipino youth and people to support the moves to break away from US domination and stand up for a genuine independent foreign policy. ###