Students support KADAMAY for occupying idle housing in Bulacan

Students express full support to the occupation of idle housing initiated by members of Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY). According to League of Filipino Students (LFS) national spokesperson JP Rosos, the militant assertion of urban poor for their right to housing is justified.

“With fists raised high, we offer our most sincere salutations to the collective actions of the urban poor sector that led to the successful occupation of more than 5,000 units in five different relocation sites of the National Housing Authority (NHA) in the Pandi, Bulacan,” said Rosos.

“The occupation of KADAMAY in Bulacan reveals that the people is forced to take action on their own since the government has failed to address their concerns. It is warranted and necessary especially because of the decades of neglect they have suffered from the government. Instead of listening to their demands for housing, the government even demolished most of their homes to allow corporations into their lands. Justly, their action to occupy idle housing must be supported,” Rosos added.

Rosos also chided the Duterte government and NHA for demonizing members of KADAMAY that occupied the relocation sites.  According to the student leader, instead of kicking out KADAMAY members that occupied Pandi, Bulacan, the regime should heed their call and award the houses to them especially if under five years the houses remained vacant.

Rosos also condemn the harassments perpetuated by the police and military in the relocation sites. According to reports, the armed forces even blocked foods that were sent by other sectors to support KADAMAY members.

“It is infuriating that we have a government that does not support the plight of the people. Instead of giving to their just demands to have a home, the regime chose to use violence and instill fear among them. It is unacceptable that after the urban poor sector are forced to look for housing, the government still want to deprive them,” said Rosos.

“We fully support KADAMAY. The police and military should be immediately pulled out of the relocation sites. We demand that the government recognize their right to occupy their lands and provide them with public social services like water and electricity,” Rosos added.

Rosos also noted that the students are preparing a caravan support tomorrow to express their solidarity to the members of KADAMAY who bravely occupied the relocation sites and militantly asserted their rights. ###